enjoying my freedom in a long time from exams and hw. it feels too great to go to sleep!

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omg i got a macbook

after using my vaio for about six years, i have finally moved onto using a macbook! my vaio was on the very verge of its death, and i am so glad that now i have a computer that doesn’t need a charger to stay alive and works so much faster. it’s gonna take some time to get used to, but i am so stoked!!

9 months ago| NOTES

GD in my dream last night omg

jiyong oppaaaaa came out in my dream last night!! he did a performance with like 2ne1, so they were there too! and like after that we hugged, and it was like cheek to cheek super close hug and i was dyinggg omg it was fantastic

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omg didn’t even realize all these posts were in this blog..
And they’re from three months ago!

밤에 더 먹고 싶은게 생각나.

이러면 안된다고 ㅠㅠ

학교 갈 날이 다가올수록 먹고 싶은거만 늘어나네..

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i made a playlist of their song line-up for the concert. and honestly, i hadn’t listened to their songs in a while, but omg their songs are SO GOOD. and their voices are so dreammyyyyyy. i think i might cry tomorrow watching them sing. ugh. can’t wait!

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my second one direction concert tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



it kinda sucks that i can’t take my dslr camera:( but i think ill maybe take a digital camera or something.. 

and what’s funny/sad/embarrassing is that im going alone LOLOLOL

but that’s okay because im going to enjoy each moment of it by myself:)

I’m currently listening to their Take Me Home album again to “review” before i go tomorrow. hehehe 

The more i think about, I’M MORE EXCITEDDD WOOHOOOOO

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하기 싫은일을 해야할 때. 하지만 꼭 해야할 때. 착잡하구만.

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 또 하나 느꼈지만, 역시 셀카는 화장했을때. 

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Also, most of my posts are either me ranting, something about One Direction, or about my dreams. Hmm. I think I want to tag all my dream stories too cuz they’re so funny to read afterwards I’ve forgotten them, but that would have to be tomorrow because I’ve already updated like six? posts for the night, and I should sleep! I don’t know why I’m not that tired although I woke up super early at like 10 am, which is like very early for me. 좋은밤이군. 좋은밤이야. 굳밤. 히히. 이제 여기 업데이트 더 많이 해야징.

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♡ JB